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Dave Fane

Dave Fane is one of New Zealand's well known and most-loved actors.  With the success of Naked Samoans and bro'Town, Dave has made a name for himself on stage and screen. 

Dave has appeared in a number of stage productions and his television credits include bro'Town, The Strip, What Now, Skitz and Telly Laughs. 

In addition to his television roles, Dave has several film credits to his name including Tongan Ninga, Room Tone and more recently he has just finished filming Sione's Wedding, in which he plays a lead role.

plays Tu'u Lima

A Matai (Chief) back home in his native Samoa, Tu'u provides for his family in New Zealand by running a fruit and vege stall.

Tu'u believes that in a perfect world, rugby legend Bryan Williams would be the Prime Minister of New Zealand.