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N.O.W Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan from The Amazing Race

Phil grew up in Antigua, Caribbean, where his father and mother were working as a scientist and a teacher.

When he was 13, Phil went to boarding school in New Zealand at St Andrews in Christchurch. Phil's first television job was as a host on the weekly family magazine series Spot On in 1988. This was followed by LIFE (as a reporter). That's Fairly Interesting (reporter and producer), Gloss (actor), 3.45 Live (host), Short Sportz (host and producer), Ya-Hoo (host), Keoghan's Heroes (host and producer) and more.

Phil is currently the host of the Emmy award-winning reality TV2 show The Amazing Race. He has now worked in over 70 countries around the world on more than 1,000 TV episodes.

Phil is married to Louise Keoghan (also the Executive Producer on the N.O.W. series) and they have a 10-year-old daughter who was born in New York City. The Keoghan family has lived in America for 14 years now, in both New York and Los Angeles and they currently reside in Santa Monica. The Keoghans have a house in the Coromandel and they try to get home to New Zealand as much as possible.