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Astar's Hat Tips & Elegant Hat Instructions- Oct 26, 2006
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How delicious, I love them and don't understand why it is that we don't wear them all the time& especially with our high UV light&

The racing season is almost upon us which means that a hat is a definite MUST! And as a fashion statement they really top an outfit off.   So if it's an inexpensive hat that you are after then I've got it covered.

Here are a few tips to ensure the hat fits your outfit.

Stick with the same colours. If your outfit is black and white, then finish it off with say a plain little black hat, and accessorize with black and white feathers or flowers.

Hat size - if your outfit has lots of details, then the hat should be as simple as possible.However should you desire something large and grand then ensure that the dress is simple and go to town with the hat.

It's all about balance - for instance, a very little person with an oversized hat can look quite ridiculous, just as a very large person wearing a very tiny little thing perched on top of the head.

When I was learning all about hats, and appropriate sizing, placing and balance, the general rule was always marginally wider than the shoulders and the visual line is that of a triangle .  By this I mean, from a wide horizontal line across the top of the person coming down smaller and smaller until you reached the feet and smallest visual point.  However those were the days when pencil skirts, very high heels and wider shoulders was the statement in elegance.

Fashions change , and most rules of the past have flown out the window. Our life styles are more relaxed and casual which means we can be this way when it comes to fashion and how we accessorize. So if you feel like going right over the top with your hat, then just do it, but make sure, as indicated above that your outfit lends itself to really showing off your hat.  Tone on tone always works best, as does incorporating fabric from the outfit along with highlighting with whatever jewellery is being worn.  A little sparkle of a diamond or a pearl here and there never goes astray.

From places like Spotlight, the Warehouse, and Emporiums can be found huge selections of pre-made hats, bases, fascinators, feathers, artificial flowers, nets and all the bits and bobs necessary to turn a hat into a fabulous work of art.

I noticed in this months (October) Spotlight specials flyer, a great 'how to make' section totally dedicated to spring racing hats incorporating tips on everything you need to know and more.

The things you'll need are -

1. Plain hat - one that suits your face, or a fascinator hat which is a small base like a Priest or Jewish cap that has a hair clasp already fixed and fits comfortably onto the head.  How easy is that!

2. Tuelle or net.

3. Hot glue gun - makes creating so much faster and easier&

4. Needle and matching thread - for hand sewing accessories

5. Feathers and or artificial roses

Method -

1.  Full head hat -

With matching, toning or colour contrasting tuelle, hand stitch around base of hat, then simply attach feathers, roses and trim in a pattern to suit.

2.  Hat utilizing a fascinator base -

Fan, puff, or pleat net or tuelle then hand stitch to fascinator base.  You might like to have net positioned to part cover your forehead and eyes or make an over sized bow placed at the side, back or front of base.

Then fix feathers and other accessories in a design best suited to your face shape.

The sky is the limit really, so just let your artistic imagination gather force and flow.

Happy creating Astar




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