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Jim Fenner (Jack Ellis)
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Jim Fenner is an evil, misogynistic bastard whose moral dipstick is one drop short of bone-dry! He seduces vulnerable young women, lies, cheats, beats and even murders troublesome inmates...in a nutshell; he will stop at nothing to get himself out of trouble. Occasionally his illicit activities will come to the attention of whichever wing governor is in charge but hell always manage to wiggle his way out of a career threatening situation with his reputation intact. But things do change and right now, Fenner is discovering just what it is like to live life on the other side of the bars. An ex-screw, Fenners a lamb to the slaughter. Soon hes begging for protection in the segregation block - along with the paedophiles and rapists.

In the last series of Bad Girls:

Unable to cope with the nightmares that plagued him after he murdered Yvonne Atkins, Fenners mental state hit a downward spiral that eventually saw him being carted off to the loony bin after attacking inmate Kris Yates. With the help of Di, Fenner managed to pull himself together and was soon back on G-Wing and back to his old tricks. Again with Dis help, he plotted the downfall of Neil Grayling by accusing him of sexual harassment at an industrial tribunal and, with Natalie Buxtons help, exposed the truth about Kriss relationship with PO Selena Geeson. After the industrial tribunal found in Fenners favour, he married Di, but the celebrations were brought to an abrupt end when Neil and Karen Betts turned up with proof that he was responsible for the fatal hit-and-run that the former Wing Governor had been accused of.

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