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Sunday Extras: Alan Gibbs feature

Alan Gibbs is one of New Zealand's richest men - the NBR's rich list puts his net worth at $450 million.

When you look at how Gibbs has made his money it is something of a smorgasbord.

He started in the 1960s importing TVs and Hi Fi's but his first business venture was an attempt to build our first home grown motor car - the Nova.

By the 1970s he owned the big holden franchise Tappenden Motors - Auckland's largest car yard, in the 1980s he ran a merchant bank, bought and sold Telecom, and in the 1990s helped set up Sky TV.

These days he can easily afford to indulge his passions, which include the Aquada - the world's first amphibious sports car.

So does Alan Gibbs, the hard core capitalist, just wants to have fun these days? Sunday reporter Mark Crysell had the chance to find out when he entered Gibbs' private world.

Click here to watch the Alan Gibbs full length interview (1:11:00)

Click here to watch the story featured on Sunday (13:25)