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About The Show
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Catch repeats of Series 2 on Sunday 13th September at 12.30am!

Congratulations to the Pretender team for their nominations as Finalists in Television Categories for Qantas Film and Television Awards 2009!

About the show:

Dennis Plant returns in the critically acclaimed comedy series 'The Pretender'.

A fly on the wall look at the inner workings of a typical NZ MP's office, 'The Pretender' follows the highs and lows, backroom machinations, and desperate measures of Team Plant as they attempt to navigate the dog eat dog world of governmental politics.
Disgruntled with his ineffectual back bench position with the National Party, Dennis joins forces with defecting Labour MP Joanne Williams to form the new political party 'Future New Zealand' , and hold the balance of power.

Dennis suddenly finds himself launched from virtual obscurity into the spotlights of the national media, though whether he'll survive it remains to  be seen&
Behind every politician are his team.

Johnny Green returns as Dennis' Strategist and Policy advisor.

Jaded and cynical, Johnny's been around the block, seen it all, and is considered (at least by  himself) to be the brains behind Future New Zealand.

Next in the pecking order is Ed Hamilton-Smith, Dennis' hapless press secretary: under paid, under valued and over worked.

Rounding out the core team is Joanne Williams, a career politician, and Future New Zealand's co-leader - idealistic, intelligent, conscientious, and uncharismatic to the point of invisibility &
'The Pretender' is a smart, satirical and biting examination of our nation's leaders; the people behind them; and the jealousy, megalomania, fear, confusion, desperation, and occasional (generally brief) elation that mark another typical day at the office

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