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Crash Investigation Unit on TV2

 Over 1500 people die on Australian roads each year, and thousands more are seriously, often permanently, injured. Establishing the causes of these tragic incidents are teams of highly specialized police officers: the C.I.U: Crash Investigation Unit. 

While it's not unusual to see news reports about the many deaths on our roads, C.I.U offers a rare insight into the chain of events that lead to a crash, as well as the extensive work of CIU officers, and the emotional impact on survivors, families and friends.

A crew from Greenstone Pictures was attached to the NSW Police's Sydney Metro Crash Unit for eight months in 2007, following officers from the moment a call came in to the conclusion of a case (often months later), covering the exhaustive and fascinating processes of evidence gathering, mechanical investigation, forensic testing and witness and victim involvement. 

Over ten weeks, C.I.U uniquely balances its policing and scientific elements (including 3-D animations created from police survey data), by sharing with viewers the human, personal toll of serious crashes. Across the series, families and friends share stories of lost loved ones; survivors reflect on luck and what they could, or should, have done differently; and witnesses relive the shock of what they saw.   

Greenstone Pictures has worked with the New Zealand Police to produce four series of Serious Crash Unit, which have played on Seven to consistently high ratings. The established relationship with the Auckland crash team in NZ paved the way for the unprecedented access C.I.U received from the NSWP.

From a high-profile hit-and-run and disaster for boy racers to a mega-pile up in a city tunnel or carnage on a rural highway, they're all intriguing jobs for the specialist team at C.I.U: Crash Investigation Unit.