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Family speaks out against shooting

Published: 6:50PM Tuesday June 10, 2008 Source: ONE News

Police hunting the killer of liquor store worker Navtej Singh believe the four robbers have strong ties to the area surrounding the murder scene.

This information comes as Navjet's family speaks out about the crime. The grieving family is desperate for answers and is angry at the time it took to reach Navtej, after he was shot.

Marjinder Singh, speaking through an interpreter, says there is much pain in revealing to Navjet's children that their father is dead.

At this time, the children have been told that their dad is in hospital, but they want to speak to him, picking up the phone whenever it rings thinking it's their father.

Three days into the search and police now believe the killers have some tie to the four streets surrounding the Riverton Drive Shopping Centre and by now one of them will have told someone.

"These others, these family friends and associates will have to consider that the drink that they have shared has been paid for with this man's life and what they have enjoyed may now have a very bitter taste," said Detective Inspector Jim Gallagher of the Counties Manukau Police.

A mobile bus unit is now parked in the area playing the video of the shooting, in the hope someone might come forward.

A former police minister met with the Deputy Police Commissioner to discuss the emergency response to the shooting and Indian and Sikh community members met police on Tuesday morning to raise their concerns, but police wouldn't' discuss it.

"We were a bit disappointed we were expecting information about the response period and also the steps they taking to get the offenders but we haven't got that," said Manpreet Singh of the NZ Sikh Society.

But police say the meeting was only to talk about how business owners can keep themselves safe.

Police are certain the shooting wasn't a racially motivated attack as there are 172 small bottle shops and dairies in the area alone, and all of them are owned by people of Asian or Indian descent.

Navtej's funeral will be held tomorrow.