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Bad Santas dash through Chch cinema

Published: 6:31PM Monday December 24, 2007 Source: ONE News

Media outlets across the world are broadcasting pictures of a group bad behaving Santas on a rampage through a Christchurch movie theatre.

Around 30 Santas took a 40-second dash through Hoyts Cinema.

An eye witness said there were "Santas everywhere" causing chaos, kicking over signs and a Christmas tree.

"I thought they were funny at first but it got out of hand and I started to get scared,' says movie goer Jackson Gorman. 

Once the misbehaving Santas reached cinema number five, they set off the fire alarm before leaving.

Two hundred cinema goers were evacuated.

"There was some planning involved. They all came in together, they all went through, they all knew where they were going," says Hoyts Cinema spokesperson Derek Rive.

Hoyts says the Santas were likely drunk, but as quick as they came, they went - and amazingly, no one knows where.

"If they want to come back, they're welcome to, but they have to abide by the house rules like all of our patrons do," says Rive.

The cinema is appealing to anyone who knows anything about who the Santas were to give them a call.