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Nigel Latta: Clinical Psychologist
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Clinical Psychologist Nigel Latta has spent the last 17 years working with child sex offenders, rapists, murderers, and violent offenders. His career has taken him throughout the country over that time, and he has worked with offenders both in the community, and in prisons.

In 2003 he published a nonfiction account of his work in the field of forensic psychology, Into the Darklands: Unveiling the Predators Among Us, which would ultimately serve as the inspiration for this compelling documentary series.

"It has always been a great frustration to me that all the public ever get to see of the bad guy is a 10 second piece on the news walking from the police van to the Courthouse wearing a white boilersuit. We never see who the man really is, and how he came to do what he did. All we're left with are lawyers and politicians interpretations of the bad man. The offender becomes a one dimensional cliché, a soundbite. Some people tell us it isn't his fault because he was a product of his childhood, and other people tell us he is subhuman."

"I have always wanted to show people the world that I see, the place I call the Darklands. When you drop below the surface you begin to see things that the rest of the world does not. There is always a story, a history that precedes these kinds of indescribably horrific acts. We often ask ourselves how people could do such things, but that question is rarely ever answered. What I have tried to do, both in the book, and in Beyond the Darklands, is to take you beneath all the hyperbole, beneath all the posturing and the politics, and into the quiet dark corners of the world where a different kind of truth can be found."

"None of this is comfortable. None of this is easy. But if we are ever going to begin to really address the root causes of crime and violence, then we must first begin by understanding the people who commit these terrible acts. Once we understand the forces which move them, then we're all going to be in a better position to try and figure out how to stop them."

On the victims

"Every one of us who worked on this series felt a huge responsibility to the victims and to their families. From the very beginning this responsibility weighed heavily on us all and was the constant backdrop to all that we did. It was also true that everyone who worked on the show was deeply affected by the stories we heard. This is not just a piece of television, these are people's daughters, people's mothers, husbands, friends."

"I hope that everyone who watches the series holds that truth very close. There are no words which can describe what these families have endured, and that they have let us tell these stories is a testament to their courage and their determination that some good should come from the unimaginable tragedies they have all suffered."

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Nigel Latta's website

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