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The Singing Bee

Sundays at 4pm | TV2

The Host for The Singing Bee

Great Southern Television and TV2 have announced who will be hosting their new music game show The Singing Bee.

The new presenter is Studio 2's Jordan Vandermade.

Twenty-year-old Jordan has been hosting the TV2 kids show for the past two years since he was spotted by Taylormade Producers during an interview with Maori TV about Jordan's upcoming race at the World Junior Games.

The decathlete went on to bring home the bronze for New Zealand and with little television experience became the newest addition to the Studio 2 team.

Jordan is looking forward to hosting The Singing Bee, as he says he sees it as 'a big party on the stage, it will be true entertainment'.

The Singing Bee is already very popular in Australia and is in its second season in America.

The music game show will test New Zealand's musical knowledge and will feature a live band and back up dancers.

The game is essentially simple with the tag line being 'You don't have to sing it well, you just sing it right!'

If you would like to be a part of the show, Great Southern TV is currently casting and booking in tickets for the Audience.