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The Singing Bee

Sundays at 4pm | TV2

About the Show

Sundays at 4pm:

Another chance to see The Singing Bee, which challenges ordinary Kiwis to remember and sing lyrics to a host of well-known songs, and compete for $10,000 each week.

About The Singing Bee

$10,000 is up for grabs each week on The Singing Bee as ordinary New Zealanders take to the stage and test their lyrical knowledge.

Jordan Vandermade (Studio 2) returns to lead this weekly entertainment extravaganza with some new and exciting elements that differ a tad from last season's format. This year themed episodes thrown into a half-hour viewing bonanza!

"An awesome aspect of this season is that every night is themed which means every one at home is going to be singing and dancing along to their favourites," says Jordan. "The Singing Bee this season is a shorter format which simply means we've jam packed one huge party into 30 minutes!"

A live studio band and Candy Lane's dance troop, The Honey Bees, also join Jordan on stage each week.

"The Honey Bees are back and hotter than ever," producer Tony Holden said. "If you enjoyed last season then you're going to love what we've got in store for you in 2009. It seems Kiwis are embracing this style of entertainment."

The Singing Bee format sees the music stop partway through a song. The contestant has to finish the next part of the song word perfect in front of a big studio audience.

This season episodes focus on the 90's, Boy Bands, Girl Power, Legends, Rock Anthems, even a disco night!

Jordan invites every New Zealand family to tune in each Sunday night. "If you enjoyed last season then you're going to love what we've got in store for you. So just sit back relax and come join the party that is The Singing Bee."

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