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Greene takes Breakers throne

Published: 10:08AM Monday December 03, 2007 Source: ONE Sport

  By basketball reporter
  John Whiting


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New Breakers point guard Orien Greene has been in the country less than a week but already has his eyes on an NBL playoff run.

The 25-year-old arrived in New Zealand on Friday morning and trained with his team-mates for the first time on Saturday.

Speaking to the media following his first training session, Greene said his only goal is to help the Breakers get to their first ever grand final.

"We never made it to the playoffs so that's my goal, to try to help us get wins and get us to the championship," he said.

After 128 games in the NBA with Boston, Indiana and Sacramento, Greene is impressed by what his new club has to offer.

Greene is a defensive expert and while his career shooting percentage in the NBA was below 50 percent, the disruption he can cause opposition shooters makes him a big threat.

The Florida native is a true team player and said he has aspirations to make his team-mates look better rather than taking the spotlight for himself, an aspect of his game he's proud of.

"You know just getting to the lane, getting other guys shots and on the defensive end just causing havoc. All around just a ball player, making everybody better."

Greene's bold move to New Zealand is the first time he has been outside of the US but after being released by the Sacramento Kings three weeks into the NBA season, he needed somewhere to go.

"I was with the Sacramento Kings throughout training camp and they waived me. It's a weird time over there to get waived, it's the beginning of the season.

"I just needed somewhere to play and also I talked to coach Andrej and he seemed like a good guy who will give me an opportunity."

Greene was picked up 53rd in the NBA draft by the Boston Celtics, two draft picks higher than the man he's replacing, Wayne Turner.

The two point guards know each other from college basketball, where the duo played for rival teams.

And Greene couldn't be happier that Turner is staying on with the Breakers in a coaching role and to help him get acquainted with a new country and a new league.

"That's real big, having Wayne here is tremendous.

"Just helping me get accustomed to everything, like the driving on the other side of the road and all that kind of stuff. Him being here and knowing everything that's going on is helpful."

Everyone will get an idea of what Greene can do on Thursday night when the Breakers host the Sydney Kings at the North Shore Events Centre.

It couldn't be a tougher first-up game for Greene, the Kings are top of the table having lost just two games this season.

The Breakers are currently fourth on the competition ladder with nine wins and six losses.