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Grandparents to seek custody

Published: 6:40AM Wednesday September 19, 2007 Source: AAP

The maternal grandmother of the little girl abandoned at a Melbourne railway station is trying urgently to be reunited with the three-year-old as the search for the girl's missing mother is stepped up.

Qian Xun Xue's mother, An An Liu, also known as Annie Xue, was last seen in Auckland on September 10, six days before her husband Nai Xin Xue abandoned their three-year-old daughter.
National MP Pansy Wong says she is helping to get An An's mother to New Zealand and reunited with her granddaughter Qian Xun Xue.
"Her priority is to come to this part of the world. First of all she wants to unite with Qian Xun and also wants to be really in the midst of knowing what is happening of finding her missing daughter," Wong told Radio New Zealand.
"The positive news I discovered when I talked to her is that grandmother and granddaughter share a very close bond."
Through Melbourne's Age newspaper, the grandparents have asked the Victorian Department of Human Services how they can take over the guardianship of their granddaughter.
Interpol and US authorities are now searching for Mr Xue, who flew to Los Angeles from Melbourne on Saturday after dumping his daughter at the station.
A children's court hearing in Victoria on Wednesday will determine the girl's immediate future.
Wong said Qian Xun had spent time every year with her grandparents in China, including from November to February last year.

She said she was trying to find the best way for the grandmother to be reunited with the little girl as soon as possible.
The girl's grandfather had high blood pressure and unable to make the long journey, so the grandmother would travel with a friend.
Finance was not a problem at this stage, Wong said.

She said she had met the family previously and knew of Mr Xue through his attendance at Chinese functions.
She met An An and Qian Xun at an event she hosted in March.
"What I have observed on the day is Qian Xun is certainly very close to the mother, she's a very happy child and very affectionate gestures between the mother and daughter."