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Not so sweet a goodbye to Snifters

Published: 7:19PM Thursday September 18, 2008 Source: ONE News

It's the end of the line for some of our most iconic Kiwi lollies. Cadbury's already stopped making Sparkles and Tangy Fruits, and now Snifters, the emerald-green, chocolate-centred sweets, have been pulled.

For a good few generations, part of growing up in New Zealand has been enjoying all three at the movies.

Now when we go to see a flick, the quintessential lollies just won't be there anymore.

Cadbury says they're just not popular enough. But Kate Larkindale, operations manager at Paramount Cinemas in Wellington, says that since they canned their Tangy Fruits line, moviegoers ask for them about eight times a week.

"People are always really disappointed to find out we don't have them anymore."

So ONE News went hunting for the last of them.

They were only partly successful - a shop with Pascall family bags of the Snifters still, a few Sparkles, but no Tangy Fruits - in fact, it's doubtful you can get them anywhere. And once the first two treats are gone, they're gone.

ONE News dished the ones they got out, and let a grateful few know their source.

Recipients were outraged. "I love Snifters. To think you can't even get them at movie theatres, it's a disgrace." one said.

Larkindale senses their absence keenly, too. "I don't really think you can replace them. They're such New Zealand icons in the cinema and you can put M and M's in but they're not the same."

If you still want to get your hands on Sparkles, keep your eyes peeled and be quick - a few packets are still waiting in certain dairies.

But it seems like New Zealand's favourite lollies are going, going, gone.