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Close Up Open Source challenge

Published: 11:37AM Wednesday May 02, 2007

In keeping with the spirit of Open Source, source material from Damian Christie's report is available to download so you can create your own version of his story.

Using Damian's material, combining it with material freely available from the internet or material you have shot yourself and adding your own voice over, you can create an entirely new story.

Items can be shorter or longer than the original and can either be emailed or burnt on CD and sent to TVNZ.  The best entries will be posted on the Close Up website and some of the best clips may even be played on air

The source material is available in two differnt file types - .mov and as a zip file. To use the .mov file you will need Quick time pro installed.

The interviews are in the following order:

Nat Torkington Open Source Expert: Interview plus set-ups
Ant Timpson Film Mogul: Interview
Sigurd Magnusson Silverstripe : Interview plus set-ups
Wikipedia and Enyclopedia Britannica shots

*For Damian's material click HERE

the interviews have been slightly edited due to the large amount of footage shot for the story.

Send your entries to:

Close Up Open Source challenge
P.O. Box 3819

or email