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Let's Go Quintuplets!

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Meet the Miller Quintuplets - five siblings born on the same day.  Each has their own wacky personalities and unique talents.  You know that chaos and adventure is a daily ritual in the Miller household. 

Karl is the eldest, and when he's not showing off, he's mouthing off. Harold is the bookworm and determined to be the next Nobel Prize winner. Krystal, on the other hand, is so sure she's going to be a movie star that she is already handing out autographs! Karly wants to save the Earth and the animals (except for frogs). Austin is also a wisecracking rebel. He is bound and determined to be a super hero someday - detective or otherwise.

Whether the five kids are trying to avoid a visit to the dentist, conspiring to win a talent contest or sharing their fifth birthdays, they always seem to get up to mischief. But despite the fact that they drive each other crazy, the Quintuplets pull off amazing feats when they stick together, bringing new meaning to the power of five!

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