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Vicki Lin

Take one 19-year-old girl from Auckland, add a few acting experiences (like Being Eve) a pinch a quirk and a whole lot of humour and THIS is the final result.

Me. Vicki 'Made-in-Taiwan' Lin.

Who would've ever thought that this wee girl who inspired to be a musician - with a sixth sense for shopping sales not to mention a fetish for lip gloss, animals and pizza - would end up in the world of front of the camera?

Well as time proved, that's exactly what happened. Last year based in Christchurch presenting on the children's programme What Now? was my first taste of live TV. A whole year of travelling around the country, meeting AMAZING communities and people.

Come 2005...a year older, a little wiser and a more experienced - what next? Well in hopes of a new challenge and a chance to be closer to home, I took up an invite to join the crew at Saturday Disney. Enough said.

It's going to be a cracker!!! Jermaine and I are going to make sure that your Saturday mornings are gonna to be a blast...a mighty good wake up call before your netball/tennis game, rugby match, trip to the supermarket with mum and music or speech lesson - to name but a few! Your favourite Disney cartoons, coverage on the latest events, laugh-your-socks-off action, a few surprises along the way - ALL delivered to you LIVE every Saturday morning! It's all about you baby!

So book us in and I can't wait to see ya then!

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