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Spike T. Penguin
It's 2006 and Spike T. Penguin has finally got his own room. Or 'lair' as he prefers to call it.

Over the years, Spike T. (he shares the same middle name as Winnie the Pooh, and Jack the Ripper) has become the most famous penguin on NZ television. Accordingly, he has created a hi-tech multi-media communication and broadcasting centre in his bedroom right next door to the Squirt studio. His co-hosts, Ryan and Jo, were surprisingly cool about the new arrangement, the fact that Spike has fish-breath and smelly flippers had nothing to do with it.

Spike is totally down with all the latest communication technologies. Cell phones, Blackberries, PCs, iPods- you name it- he's probably thrashed it at some stage. He spends a large part of his life online. He really enjoys watching movies- especially animated ones, reading books, chatting online, reading and writing emails, listening to music, and harassing Ryan.

Spike T. has built himself a little gofer called Bot, to help run his media empire, and to bring him chocolate fish and Hapuku milkshakes.
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