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Bumble is a warm-hearted and loveable magic bee. Every day, he invites all pre-school children to join him in the exciting world of Kiwifruit Valley, in our Salty Sea Paradise.

Bumble and his friends, Peek, Anna, Boo and Fishy have fun playing together and learning new things.

Bumble loves to play, sing, dance and have fun with his friends. He also likes learning new things and solving problems in fresh and inventive ways.

Peek's motto is "Act now, think later". He has a strong sense of self-importance and takes his role as the biggest mouse seriously. He loves popcorn, playing the guitar and inventing things.

Anna is the smallest mouse and has to cope with the frustrations of being the littlest. She likes to draw and design things and loves books, cheese, playing the drums and with her pet mouse "Squeak".

Boo is the middle mouse. She's a bossy-boots and a good organiser. She loves marshmallows, cooking and making things and plays the saxophone.

Last, but not least is Fishy, Bumble's special friend. Fishy is bi-lingual and offers a uniquely Maori perspective in the world of Kiwifruit Valley. He lives in a pond under a waterfall but can travel via a magic underground stream to a tank in Bumble's hive. Fishy has a deep warm voice and loves to sing and joke.

A special feature of Bumble is that he engages viewers at the beginning and end of the programme with a song, which welcomes children. Twice during each episode, Bumble recaps the action helping children to follow the day's events thus far.

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