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Series 1, Episode 12-13 Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth.../...A Better Place 20 Apr 14 01:19:14

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Criminal Minds - Watch First

Following a series of apparent prank calls from a young child to Malcolm and Lida Taffert, the couples son Andy is kidnapped soon after.

  • Play Home and Away

    Home and Away

    21 Apr 14

    One hour special: Spencer makes a surprising decision. Andy attempts to patch things up with Hannah, but it may be too late.

  • Play MasterChef New Zealand

    MasterChef New Zealand

    20 Apr 14

    The Top Three duos create two dishes they'd like to include in their first cookbooks.

  • Play Offspring


    20 Apr 14

    Billie and Mick's relationship strains under the weight of her infidelity, and Nina is rocked to her core.

  • Play Betrayal


    20 Apr 14

    Watch the season finale of Betrayal on TVNZ Ondemand.

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