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Series 2, Episode 12 Surprise 29 Aug 14 00:40:21

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Mistresses - Watch Fast

April helps the FBI find her husband; Karen receives startling news; Savi's date with Zack ends on a puzzling note; and Harry and Joss fall out over his deeds.

29 Aug 14

  • Play Coronation Street

    Coronation Street

    29 Aug 14

    Tommy dares Kirsty to deny she's been violent to Tyrone. Ryan exploits Steve's generosity and Sunita decides to fund Karl's scheme.

  • Play Shortland Street

    Shortland Street

    29 Aug 14

    Dayna becomes an undercover supporter, and Leanne receives more than she bargained for. #ShortlandStreet

  • Play Leaders Debate: David Cunliffe vs John Key

    Leaders Debate: David Cunliffe vs John Key

    23 Aug 14

    The National Party and Labour Party leaders go head-to-head in TVNZ's first election debate.

  • Play Resurrection


    28 Aug 14

    Season Finale: The town of Arcadia is in a state of chaos when the return of the deceased reaches a critical mass. Bellamy has no other choice than to…

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