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Person Of Interest - Watch First

Series 4, Episode 5 Prophets 22 Oct 14 00:41:52

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Person of Interest - Watch First

The team must protect a gifted political pollster with a gift for numbers who is unaware that his own number has just come up.

22 Oct 1420 Oct 14

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    Supernatural - Watch First

    While Sam tries to save Dean from the Mark of Cain, Crowley realizes that Dean's demonic antics are causing problems for him in Hell, so he asks for…

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    Manhattan Love Story - Watch First

    22 Oct 14

    Dana and Peter continue to enjoy New York and each other, but when they realise they still haven't had sex, both decide tonight's the night following…

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    My Kitchen Rules NZ

    22 Oct 14

    The bottom two teams face sudden death, cooking for Ben Bayly, Gareth Stewart and guests Robert Oliver, Nadia Lim, Grace Ramirez and Sean Connolly.…

  • Play Shortland Street

    Shortland Street

    22 Oct 14

    Harry's lies work too well; Dayna can't keep her opinions to herself; and Chris realises his grace period is over. #ShortlandStreet

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