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Panellist profile: Ant Williams (psychologist)

Ant Williams knows more about the ocean than most people on the planet - mainly because he spends so much time in it. He's recognized as one of the best freedivers in the world. Ant can hold his breath for 7 1/2 minutes, in the ocean he can dive deeper than 225 feet on a single breath and in a pool he can swim 200 meters without breathing. Ant has worked internationally as a sport psychologist for Super 12 rugby teams, olympians and world championship athletes. His qualifications include an honours degree in sport psychology (first class) and a master's degree of science in cognitive psychology (with distinction).

A registered sport & organisational psychologist, Ant owns a dynamic corporate development company that specialises in adventure-based training and consultancy. He has appeared on live talk shows such as Flipside, Sports Café and Sportzah and last year he was filmed in Cyprus by the Discovery Channel and for a TVNZ Sunday documentary.

His performances in Europe last year propelled him into the elite echelon of the world's extreme athletes: NZ number 1 freediver, NZ record holder for the deepest freedive 70m, World ranking 5th, NZ record holder for the longest dynamic swim 169m, World ranking 3rd.

His job in the Ultimate Challenge is simple; to commentate and select. He will let us know who has got what it takes, and who does not - purely from a psychological perspective.