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WIN with geo skincare and Ugly Betty!

Keep your skin looking gorgeous this winter with a range of geo skincare products, made right here in NZ. We have four gift baskets to give away worth $100 to pick you up as the rain falls.

Our skin reflects the general health of our entire body, making it increasingly important to maintain a balanced lifestyle, body and skin.

Natural resources and ingredients found throughout New Zealand's beautiful landscape and culture has inspired us to create skin and spa solutions of exceptional quality and purity. geo skincare products use unique minerals found only in New Zealand geothermal regions, along with pure and organic extracts and oils. 

There is no other minerals skincare system quite like it.

You will enjoy a healthier, clearer, more radiant looking skin when you use geo skincare products, and see visible proof of these benefits as you pamper skin and body in our natural restoratives.

Enjoy healthy products without the use of:  mineral oil, petrochemicals, sodium lauryl sulphate, genetically modified ingredients, parabens, artificial colour and fragrance, propylene glycol and alcohol.

Our philosophy for health and wellness goes beyond skin care products, we believe that true beauty is the sum of many parts and we are committed to encouraging and supporting your desire for a healthier, stronger body and skin.

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