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February 2008 Hot or Not

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Here's a selection of your entries into the Hot Or Not competition for February:


Temporary tattoos - don't you wish they were around when you got that cutesy rose permanently tattooed on your butt? (Laine Davey, WINNER)

The Year of the Rat - a fabulous excuse to celebrate Chinese food, dress and custons, no matter who you are, especially the food - yum! The world would be a much gloomier place without Chinese food (Daphne Cavalho)

Duran Duran in Auckland - yahoo! (Cilla Reekers)

Thriller: 25th Anniversary Edition, by Michael Jackson - yes, he's a freak but you cannot deny the talent. This CD is genius (Jay Dahya, WINNER)

The Cancer Society Tents around NZ's beaches. - I hate it when I forget sunblock, but now the Cancer Society has provided many tents around NZ's beaches, who will give you free sunblock to use. Now there really is no excuse to look like Mr Crab's wife (Jessica Beckham, WINNER)

Ellen Page from Juno - the next big thing to hit wait! (Katie Laing)

Movie musicals - they're back! Hairspray, Sweeney Todd...and now the very cool Mamma Mia is on its way. (Robert Dil)


The UK government's plan to remove the UK ancestry visa (Michelle Soulsby, WINNER)

Daylight saving ending soon - it's already getting darker (Chantel Palmer)

Tagging - it all looks the same. Go to art school! (Laine Davey)

People who press the 'cross' button at the lights, or don't, as the case may be. Look, I've already pressed the 'cross' button, ok? The little man is already a steady red. Please don't come up behind me and jab incessantly at the button. It won't make it change any faster, trust me. Then you have the people who are just gormlessly waiting at the lights without pressing the button and the little man is sadly dark. Did you just fall out of a tree or something? Don't you know how these lights work? (Daphne Carvalho, WINNER)

Sunburn - looking like a roasted chicken is never hot. (Lyn)

Croc shoes - Plastic but not fantastic. Do you think they're sexy? (Jay Dahya)

People suddenly becoming Heath Ledger/Sir Ed fans - jumping on the bandwagon is so not cool people. (Nikita Coubrough)

Political mudslinging - come on guys, you're adults now. Let's focus on the important issues for a change! (Anneke Grant)