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April 2008 Hot or Not

And it's over. After months of hearing some great what's hot and not suggestions we have run out of prizes. Here's a selection from the past month...


Weddings: Kate Moss and Sienna Miller are due to wed, the frocks are going to be awesome (Annabel Clarke, Winner)

Shoots: shoes and boots in one. Fabulous! They complement your legs more than a boot which sharply cuts off. (Kylie Trainor)

Saturated Realism: otherwise known as vibrant coloured clothes that are showing up on this winter's catwalks. Enough of dark winter colours! Brighten those cloudy days. (Hannah Thomas)

Vibration Training: want your flatmate to comment that you have more muscle than him...well this is the solution. (Kylie Trainor)

Retro sneakers: fluro pumps, what more could you want? (Sarah Maxwell)

Skinny jeans for men - if you've got it, flaunt it (Annabel Clarke)

Old movies making a comeback - Harrison Ford's still got it as Indiana Jones (Barbara Green)


Spending an hour styling your hair only to have it drop out in the rain the second you step out the door! (Rochelle Carrel, Winner)

Versace Snowboards: anyone who rides this can't be decent, although I suppose Posh does need something to go with her midriff exposing Chanel ski outfit. (Tiffany O'Brien)

Children robbed at knifepoint for rugby collector cards out of chippie packets!!! (Claire Dean)

Handbag Dogs: They're little and snappy and can't be complete without their bags, diamond collars and designer clothes... (Denise Ockey, Winner)

Fleece lined crocs: apparantly they're comfortable but have you looked in the mirror! (Monique Parker)

The writers strike causing delays in screening favourite shows. (Rebecca Henderson)

Congratulations to our winners and thank you for all your entries. Click here to visit the Staxs website.