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How do you know when you've found THE ONE?

Check out some of the best comments you guys entered in our Win with U by Kotex competition - cos U know what works!

Week 13: How do you know when you've found THE ONE?

My heart skips a beat every time I see him! - Sarah A

If you need to ask then you haven't found the one - Amber H

He looks at you like you're the only girl in the world! - Ellen B

When something fabulous happens, they are the only person you want to tell - Becs H

Everything in the world looks richer, brighter, more wonderful - Zahra B

Winner: He pops out to the shop when you run out of tampons! - Laragh K

Week 12: What's the greatest thing about your mum?

She's always happy to give me a home cooked dinner when I need it most! - Julia

She is always there when I need her....Love ya mum! - Coralie M

We can talk about anything together. Even the Weird Stuff!! - Amie B

She knows how to live her life to the  fullest ! - Jessica N

No matter how far away she is, she can reach out and make me feel at home! - Jude O

Winner: She secretly does my washing when I'm at work - Daisy 

Week 11:  How would you deal with a dodgy colleague?

I would tell the boss straight up what he is doing before it turns into something worse - Paula

Discuss it with the boss, then sort out an appropriate way to talk to the colleague - Jackie

Keep my aces close to my chest, and be prepared to lay down my royal flush - Martin

An 'accidental' coffee in their lap, a back off look and of course a big fake I'm sorry - Andrea

In front of other colleagues loudly say "don't you think that's a bit innapropriate?" - Tania

Winner: Tell them you know what theyre up to and you arent afraid to stand up for yourself! - Caitlyn  

Week ten: What's your take on sibling rivalry?

Life is too short and family is too precious for sibling rivalry! - Hayley G

Always make sure you have the last say, and end it with a smile xoxoxox - Amanda M

Fight each other in the back yard, fight for each other in the front yard X- Harmony

Its always going to happen but its best to just be happy and support each other- Katie L

Get over it... you'll get on with them someday and you'll love them more for it!!! - Nicole W

Winner: Keep siblings on side to help manage your parents... a united front! - Michelle

Week nine: How do you feel about the 'never go back' policy?

RUBBISH! - Shelby W

I'm now married to my don't go back guy... So going back is all good - Moneka

Never say never :) Megan S

Going back once is ok, twice is just silly Bree K

There was obviously a reason you ended it in the first place - don't forget that. Christina T

Winner: Getting back with an ex is like buying back your old junk from a garage sale - Amy

Week eight: What's your first response in an awkward situation?

I let my charming smile take over and just give a little giggle :) - Monique P

To roll with it and embrace it, because it adds to your life experiences. - Odette E
Don't look awkward just be yourself and be positive. - Willa
Try to break the ice, it can be hard but it works! - Natalie
Always find the funny side, heaps easier to laugh something off than to shrink! - Rebecca J
Winner: Smile and Laugh - Life's not meant to be taken too seriously! - Aylana W

Week seven: What's your advice for confronting a boss?

Talk it over with a friend, write a list and take a deep breath. -Liz M

Be professional, and have what you are going to say planned out.  -Abbi

Keep your cool and don't get flustered!! -Angela C

Be confident and calm, and remember that you will be the boss one day! -Monique

The three C's: being Cool, Calm and Collected - works every time :) -Emma W

Winner: Be as honest as you can without getting fired! - Rochelle N

Week six: How do you celebrate a big birthday?

Surrounded by the people I love and pumping the tunes! - Jordan S

Dress up like dinosaur and party like theres no tomorrow - Kylie H

A trip to the day spa with my best mates, followed by a fancy dinner out with bubbles - Mel M

With 2 cakes!!! - Morgan R

Awesome time with family and friends!! oh and lots of prezzies!!! - Amber C

Winner: Four words: QUEEN FOR A DAY! - Shelley

Week five: Would you put love or career first?

There's no better feeling than that of falling in love. Love before cash anyday - Louise B

Career. I would hope my love wouldn't make me choose - Arnie

Love:) I'm a romantic and a career can always change! - Katherine E

Love - because a career can only give you so much happiness. Love is limitless :) - Sarah G

Career - at this stage of my life! Plus if you really want to, you can have them both.  - Nikki J

Winner: Love, because your career won't keep you warm at night!  - Jennifer B

Week four: What's your smart tip for getting ahead?

Study hard, believe in what you want but most of all don't put yourself down - Libbie

Time management, motivation and self dedication - Niki H

Stay focused on your goals and have good friends to watch your back - Teri T

Save, save, save! - Tam D

Be prepared to take a few risks and chances. Follow your dreams!! - Jacqui H

Winner: Glossy Lips, smart suit and confidence galore! - Andrea C

Week three: How can you tell if they're just not that into you?

The eyes, always the eyes! - Amy Rose

He comes to YOU for advice to do with other girls :/ - Catherine

They stop shaving, texting you and listening to you talk about Robert Pattinson's hair - Laura T

One word answers and vacant stares!! - Stephanie L

They have a wedding ring on ;P  - Alicia J

Winner: When you haven't met his friends after 6 months! - Peach

Week two: What's the smartest way to handle an interfering ex?

Tell them to take a hike and confront the situation head on!! Amanda

Take the high road and don't let them get to you, if you are confident they wont matter. Bex D

Ignore them, and surround yourself with great mates! Liz M

Just ignore them, stand up for yourself and show them what you're made of :) Demi

Be the bigger person, don't buy in to their games and insecurities. - Ruby F

Winner:  Ignore them until they find something better to do! - Clarissa

Week one:  How do you help your bestie when they're down?

"We dress up in random outfits and we take alot of photos, lets just say we have alot!! :)" Jamie S

 "By feeding her chocolate and reminiscing about good times!" Anna J

 "Drop everything to go be with her and do my best to make her laugh and smile :)"- Charli F

 "Grab her arm and pull her down to the shopping mall for a new dress!!!!" - Mel

 "My fiancé is my best friend, I cheer her up with heaps of hugs and cook her favourite meal" Andy G

Winner: I make her favourite dessert & we have a pamper session! - Emma