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Back from the Dead?

We all know the unfortunate story of Charlie Sheen's descent into disaster. He went from being the highest paid actor on US television, to crashing and burning in a blaze of publicity. Disagreements with Two and a Half Men's creator Chuck Lorre saw Charlie being promptly fired from the show and replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

But now, with Charlie's life seemingly back on track, comes the widespread rumour that he'll make an appearance in the show's final episode.


Ashton Kutcher, in an interview with Ellen, was asked directly whether Charlie would return. Although he couldn't hide his grin, he neither confirmed nor denied the speculation.

Sheen himself has openly expressed his desire to join the cast one last time. "To me, its all about tipping my hat to the fans and thanking them for all of their support," he says. Chuck Lorre has given nothing away, only that he thinks the finale will serve to please all of the fans.

Although... Charlie's character is decidedly dead after he fell in front of an oncoming train, back in Season 9. So if hes coming back, the question is how?

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