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About Twins

Sundays at 6.30pm 

Alan's competitiveness causes trouble when he and Lee host a game night with another couple.

About the show

Melanie Griffith and Sara Gilbert (Roseanne) star in this new comedy series about vastly different twin sisters.

Gilbert and Molly Stanton play twins Mitchee and Farrah Arnold. Mitchee is a driven business woman, Farrah is a knockout model. Melanie Griffith plays the twins' mother, Lee, a beautiful former lingerie model.

Needless to say the stunningly perfect Farrah takes after their mother; while Mitchee takes after their father Alan (Mark Linn-Baker, Cousin Larry from Perfect Strangers!). Mitchee and Farrah are about to inherit their parents' business, Arnold Undergarments, the fourth-largest women's lingerie company in the United States.

Alan, the company's founder, invented an ultra-supportive parachute fabric while serving as an engineer in the army. His miracle fabric was originally used to lower Humvees into enemy territory, but Alan soon realised his invention could be put to better use supporting something else. His best-selling bra, the revolutionary Breast-o Change-o, gained worldwide renown for making every woman look and feel like a goddess.

Lee was a top fashion model at the peak of her career when she was booked to model the new Breast-o Change-o. When model met inventor, it was love at first sight.

Alan finds it particularly satisfying that his famous bra at last has a perfect bottom half now that Mitchee has invented shape-enhancing underpants known as the Butt-Pucker. Lee is just as proud that Farrah is uniquely qualified to model the Butt-Pucker and become the spokes-butt of the industry.

Alan and Lee decided years ago that they would turn the business over to their daughters someday. But now that the big day has finally arrived, mum and dad just don't know what to do with themselves. They're supposed to be retired, but can't quite get out of the habit of showing up for work every day.

Watch Twins to see how these girls use their different gifts to run the company together and deal with their crazy parents.

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