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The School of Home Truths

About the show

The School Of Home Truths takes 13 home buyers and sellers back to school to teach them how to succeed in real estate.

These "students" are a mixture of first timers who are completely new to the property scene and those who have bought and sold many times before. What they have in common is their desire to get the best possible deal for themselves by learning how to play the property game. 

When you're buying or selling your home you're surrounded by professionals skilled at the real estate game. But it's you, the buyers and sellers, with your lack of knowledge, that are taking all the risks.

The School of Home truths will turn the tables by skilling you up in how to play the real estate game and come out of it a winner. 

The School of Home Truths will teach us how our personalities shape the real estate decisions we make. It will reveal how we are vulnerable to people who know how to take control of the process.

School of Home Truths starts Saturday 6th November at 4pm on TVNZ Heartland

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