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The Perfect Age

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"From the moment we're conceived, something terrible starts to happen & something irreversible & something which will shape our every thought, every feeling, every action&. It's called aging."

How does age shape the way we see the world? What impact does it have on our relationships with others? And how does it influence almost every decision we make?

To find out we went in search of New Zealanders aged between 18 and 70, and asked them to be the human guinea pigs in a series of social experiments - so we could assess everything from how they cope under extreme pressure, to their stamina levels when it comes to sex. 

Host Petra Bagust will be joined by our experts in aging, motivation, and psychology: New Zealand's foremost gerontologist (age and aging) Dr Matthew Parsons; Psychologist Andrea Polzer-Debruyne; and Peter Sheahan a generational expert who has written four books on how to do the impossible - motivate Generation Y (twenty-somethings). 

Over five one-hour programmes, The Perfect Age sets out to discover how age affects our attitude, our chances of success, our brainpower, and how it changes the body.

We'll look at how to defy the odds, and of course answer the biggest question of all & What is the perfect age?

The Perfect Age starts Wednesday 18 August at 10pm on TVNZ Heartland.

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