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The Missing

Tuesday at  8.30pm
Imagine a loved one walking out of the door like any other day, except this time they dont come back. They are not estranged, there is no paper trail and the police have searched to no avail. The Missing attempts to give some of these families the chance to find some answers.

Using up-to-date scientific technology and investigative techniques, the second series of The Missing re-explores some of New Zealands unsolved missing person cases.

Each episode goes behind the headlines and conducts a new investigation. The Missing enlists a team of experts to re-examine all the case details, follow up new leads, review old interviews, retrace searches, explore theories, test existing evidence and statements, conduct new interviews, and apply new technology - all seeking to find out what really happened to the missing. Witnesses, detectives and scene examiners, plus family members and friends also tell their part of the story.

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