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The Hothouse

Tuesday at 10pm

The Hothouse follows the complicated lives of five 20-somethings who share a run down inner-city Wellington dwelling.

From the creators of the award-winning series The Insiders Guide To Happiness and The Insiders Guide To Love, The Hothouse is a contemporary drama with moments of black humour, that explores themes of loyalty, morality, friendship and, of course, love.

Cops Daniel, Ruth and Neru, and lawyer Isobel are long-term flatmates. When Levi Wise, a charming rogue who's secretly on the wrong side of the law, joins the house, the delicate balance of the flat is upset in one swoop. The black and white line between right and wrong becomes increasingly blurred with shades of grey, as the 'upholders of the law' struggle with their inextricably entwined professional dilemmas and personal lives.

Award-winning writer David Brechin-Smith says the series has three main themes - loyalty, morality and transition. "Loyalty to your friends, to yourself and to your partner. The show explores how these different loyalties are often in conflict.
Episode one sees flatmate Ruth (Hannah Gould) returning from holiday in Thailand to find the temperature's hotter at home. There's an intruder in the kitchen - Daniel's (Ryan O'Kane) dodgy mate, Levi (Kip Chapman).