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TVNZ's new sport show debuts tomorrow afternoon with a dramatic new set and a bit of an attitude.

Skoda Game On will be presented by Bernadine Oliver-Kerby from 1-5pm every Sunday.  The afternoon of sport action culminates in an hour of robust and rowdy debate and analysis when Rod Cheeseman (former TV3 Sunrise sport anchor) joins Bernadine to co-present Skoda Game On - Extra time between 4-5pm.

"The hour of Extra Time includes an honest and humorous look back at the week in sport, viewer feedback via the show's website and twitter feed, former All White Noah Hickey & guests talk football and look ahead to the FIFA World Cup, weekly contributor Martin Devlin (Radio Live Sport Talk-Host) gives you his take and a special guest/sporting celebrity risks their reputation by taking the Wii Fitness Challenge live in the studio", says Skoda Game On Producer, Barbara Mitchell.

Extra Time is a brave new sport show that plans to bring some of the fun back into sport, "viewers watch sport to relax and be entertained, we don't want it to be overly confrontational and dour.  We love sport, we also hate it, laugh, cry and yell about it so Skoda Game On - Extra Time is about saluting the sport fan and giving them sport the way they like it - with a laugh".

Tomorrow on Skoda Game On - Extra Time:

"The Melbourne Storm is the big story and we're asking sports fans if the punishment fits the crime via our homepage poll on,".

Poll Question:

'Is it fair that the Melbourne Storm have been stripped of their titles and this season's points as punishment for flouting the NRL salary cap?'  

As at 6pm on

- 56% said the punishment was fair
- 28% said the Storm should be able to keep this year's points
- 15% said it's not fair because it's not the players fault 

"We'll be talking about that on the show and bringing you the results.  People wanting to participate a bit more can tweet their opinion into the show via our live twitter feed,

Warrior, Steve Price will join us in studio to give us his reaction to the Melbourne Storm fiasco."

"It's not all NRL though, Yvonne Willering tells us why she thinks the Australians are dominating the ANZ Netball competition, Noah interviews All Whites Captain Tim Brown and Martin Sneddon joins us for a catch up on the Rugby World Cup and announces our first winner for two tickets to next year's big event.

Details on how you can win tickets to the Rugby World Cup are also on the homepage,

Skoda Game On (1-4pm) tomorrow will feature the NZ Ocean Swim Series, a preview to the FIFA World Cup that looks at the qualifying nations and host preparations, Triathlon and Indy Car Racing all ahead of Extra Time (4-5pm).

For further information please contact:
Andi Brotherston
News & Current Affairs Public Relations Manager
021 242 1111