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NZ companies progress action to protect copyright

Media Release
17 April 2015

NZ companies progress action to protect copyright
Lightbox, MediaWorks, SKY and TVNZ are progressing legal action against Call Plus and Bypass Network Services for breaching copyright in relation to the on-going sale and promotion of unlicensed content through Global Mode.

Acting together, the four New Zealand competitors previously sent Call Plus, Bypass Network Services and other ISPs requests to cease operation of Global Mode and other similar services in New Zealand.

A number of ISPs have indicated they will cease providing the unlawful service, however Call Plus and Bypass Network Services have responded indicating they will continue to operate Global Mode in New Zealand. Lightbox, MediaWorks, SKY and TVNZ say unless the service is removed, the only option left is to bring claims in court in order to shut down this unlawful service.

"We are confident that our legal position is strong. Companies who profit by marketing and providing access to content they haven't paid for are acting unlawfully and in breach of copyright.

"Call Plus and Bypass Network Services have both sought further information from us regarding the unlawfulness of Global Mode, which we have provided in good faith. However, our position has not changed and unless they remove the unlawful service we will begin court action in the next few days.

"Each of our businesses invests significant sums of money into the rights to screen content sourced legitimately from the creators and owners of that copyrighted material. This is being undermined by the companies who profit from promoting illegitimate ways to access that content.

"This is not about taking action against individual consumers or restricting choice, indeed each of our businesses are investing heavily in more choice so New Zealanders can have legitimate access to the latest TV shows and movies. This is about defending the value of content rights in the digital world, in order to invest with more certainty in the future."

The four businesses are liaising with studios and content owners to determine how they might participate to protect the unlawful infringement of their rights to sell and distribute content.

For further Information please contact:

Conor Roberts, Spark Head of Public Affairs on 021 124 6004 or

Rachel Lorimer, Mediaworks Group Head of Corporate Communications on 021 436 503

Kirsty Way, SKY Director of Communication on 021 422 794 or

Lenska Papich, TVNZ Communications Manager on 021 410 496 or