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Making a Formal Complaint

If you are concerned about the content of a television programme, the law entitles you to complain and ensures that your complaint will be taken seriously. Through the process of Formal Complaints, viewers and listeners play an influential part in the maintenance of broadcasting standards.

Classification and timeband changes: From 1 May 2020 timebands and classifications will change on Free to Air television channels like TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2 and TVNZ DUKE. From 17 April find out about using parental locks and the changes at


If you are concerned about the content of an ad you should direct your complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority.


Election Programmes

The Election Programmes Code only covers 'election programmes' that are broadcast during the general election period. 'Election programmes' will most commonly be identifiable advertisements for political parties and/or candidates or opening/closing addresses. Click election programme for more information or to make a complaint about an election programme.


How do I make a formal complaint?

Use the form below to make a formal complaint to TVNZ about a television programme on TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2, TVNZ DUKE (note that formal complaints must be received by TVNZ within 20 working days of programme screening). With the exception of complaints about breaches of privacy (which may be sent directly to the Broadcasting Standards Authority at PO Box 9213, Wellington), you must write to the broadcaster in the first instance.

Complaints about online news and current affairs material and programmes on TVNZ OnDemand can also be made using the form below. Complaints about online news and current affairs material must be received within one calendar month from the date of publication.

You can make a complaint about programmes on TVNZ OnDemand if you believe that the programme has been incorrectly classified. You will need to provide the link to the programme, a specific example of the footage you believe is not consistent with the classification weve assigned, the elapsed time this material occurred and any other material you consider relevant.


Not sure what broadcasting standards are?

You can take a look at them here: Broadcasting Standards in New Zealand Handbook - this applies to TVNZ 1, TVNZ 2 and TVNZ DUKE (Free-to-air Code). 

Or here: Statement of Principles(pdf) - this applies to online news and current affairs material i.e. 1 News Now


Your formal complaint


Your name
Your email address
Your postal address
Programme name
Date of broadcast
Time of broadcast
Channel or Platform
The Programme Standards I believe were breached are as follows (you must choose at least one):
  1. Good Taste & Decency
  2. Programme Information
  3. Children's Interests
  4. Violence
  5. Law and Order
  6. Discrimination & Denigration
  7. Alcohol
  8. Balance
  9. Accuracy
  10. Privacy
  11. Fairness

The Programme Standards I believe were breached are as follows (you must choose at least one):

For Online news and current affairs material:

  1. Accuracy, Fairness and Balance
  2. Privacy
  3. Children and Young People
  4. Comment and Fact
  5. Columns, Blogs, Opinion and Letters
  6. Headlines and Captions
  7. Discrimination and Diversity
  8. Confidentiality
  9. Subterfuge
  10. Conflicts of Interest
  11. Photographs and Graphics
  12. Corrections
The reasons that I found this programme breached the standards are as follows (use specific examples from the programme & explain your complaint fully. If you are complaining about online material please include the link, season and episode number).
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