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Here's how we feel about TV2 turning 40

It's our birthday! 

...but were turning 40...

At first we were like

But then we realised 40 is the new 20, right? 


We feel young... and sharp as a tack 

Okay, maybe not. But we're proud to be 40!

There's no denying it 

Today we feel like...

And our friends are like... 

But how should we celebrate?

Like Penny? 

Or Cookie? 

Or Ellen? 

Definitely Cookie 

What should we eat? 


French toast? 

Maybe not cookies...

Sorry Carol, but today's our day, it's not about you! 

And what should we wear? 

Hmm that's a little revealing Cookie. Monica? 

Nice try, but we think we'll go with something a little more... celebratory! 

 Because today is a day to be happy

Just look at all those Facebook comments saying happy birthday

Phone calls from people you havent spoken to in forever


Everyone's just nicer to us today

Being 40 feels great

So thanks to all of you for watching us over the years

Get in here you. It's time to hug

Its been 40 years of good times

...and here's to many more