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Trinny And Susannah Undress The Nation

Episode Four: Age

The fourth episode of Trinny and Susannah Undress the Nation see's the style experts tackle age. So many women fail to dress their age - whether they dress too old or too young. The girls aim to encourage older women to reclaim the high street and show how the aging process can be diluted and cracks can be smoothed over.

Trinny says: "I think for older women it becomes far more complicated as you age because you've got issues such as what is age appropriate, their budget, their bodies are changing and it can just get worse and worse and more and more difficult."

To assess how women's bodies change as they age, the girls arrange 11 women in just their underwear between the ages of 20 and 70 to create a human time line see how the aging process effects the way we look. 

Trinny: "People go into 'grannydom'. I call it grannydom for want of a better word, I think we want to kick arse there.  We're living longer so let's not look like we're going to die sooner."

As they tour the country in the pink pod they begin to unearth the fact that older women dress to hide themselves, they don't feel they can make the effort or stand out because they don't have the confidence or knowledge of what to wear to make the most of their selves. 

Susannah: "On the one hand I find it so appalling that the older generation are ignored by magazines and retailers and on the other, I myself am petrified of getting old.  So I think it's going to be so important for me, somehow, to see the world through their eyes."

In order to face her biggest fear Susannah enlists the help of plastic surgeon, David Ross, and prosthetic expert, Christian Mallet who embark on the challenge of ageing Susannah overnight. 

Christian and David use pictures of Susannah throughout her life, and details about her lifestyle, to create a face and body mask to age her as accurately as possible to how she may look at 70 years old.

Susannah is visibly distressed when presented with their predictions confiding: "I feel very shocked, I feel very emotional and probably, if I was on my own, I would burst into tears."

Aged to perfection and barely able to look at herself in a mirror, Susannah heads to Croydon to meet 71-year-old grandmother of eight, Shirley Tripe, who will be attempting to dress the 70-year-old Susannah from one of her own favourite stores. 

Susannah, however, is less than impressed by the dress Shirley selects, declaring: "It's a sack!  This is a testament that older women, or mature women, benefit so much from tailoring.

"I'm so borderline suicidal at the moment that, if you can find a way to make me look better, I'll feel a lot better about getting old" Susannah says to Trinny.

Trinny takes the aged Susannah and Shirley shopping and tries to tackle what she and Susannah believe is the common mistake made by older women - buying clothes that are too big and opting for comfort over shape or style. 

Shirley is fiercely resistant to the changes the girls are trying to implement, insisting the clothes don't fit and that she is 'mutton dressed as lamb' in a plain white shirt and tailored trousers.

Trinny quickly realises that they are going to have to change tactics in order to persuade the older ladies to adopt their way of thinking - they're much more stubborn and set in their ways than their usually younger subjects.

So they hit the seaside resort of Worthing and invite a group of local ladies to a cream tea, with a clothes master class. Ultimately their ambition is to empower the older ladies in to believing that they can and will find things in high street stores to suit them no matter their age - without looking like the proverbial mutton.

Faced with a room full of baggy t-shirts, pleated skirts and elasticated waist bands, Trinny and Susannah try to illustrate their point about classic tailoring and makeover 75-year-old Iris and 70-year-old Vivienne in outfits from the high street.

As they present the newly styled pair to the group Susannah says: "I don't think any of you would guess in a thousand million years where this jacket came from - its Kate Moss's design from Topshop. So any of you worried about not finding things in a top like Topshop you're wrong."

The final phase in the quest to convert the older generation to the high street see's Trinny and Susannah gathering 100 older ladies in London to take on the famous Oxford Street. A fleet of eight stretch limos takes them to high street stores as they storm the shops in search of bargain outfits to flatter their age and figure.

Empowered by their day of spending, they show off their purchases in a catwalk show of a different kind - at a nightclub.

"We're so proud of all of you," says Susannah. "I think you will have struck a chord with so many women around the country."