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Treasure Island: Couples At War

Vicky-Lee McIntyre & Scotty Rocker

Gorgeous blonde Miss Popularity star and her boyfriend Scotty Rocker freely confess they're on the back foot when it comes to any physical challenges on Treasure Island - both being "awful" at sports and not really being the exercise types! Musician and car salesman Scotty also laughs that his biggest fear is "being stranded on an island with no vodka or smokes" - which could present him with another major challenge!

Before her rise to fame on Miss Popularity, Vicky-Lee had founded a successful graphic design and print company at 19, and later a promotions company. Also the mum of a six-year-old boy, Vicky-Lee says her proudest achievement, though is "bring up an amazing little son". Her role model is Pamela Anderson, because "people seem to stereotype sexy females as having boobs and no brains, and she proves that theory wrong".