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Travelwatch: Auckland

Published: 12:19PM Wednesday April 30, 2008

Check out the latest traffic conditions on Auckland's motorway system. Simply click on the link for an up-to-date image of road congestion. Images updated each minute.

Congestion map

Northern Motorway 

Greville Rd looking south
Tristram Ave looking south
Northcote Rd looking north
Esmonde Road looking south
Onewa Road onramp looking south

Central Motorway Junction

Link between SH1 and SH16 looking south

Southern Motorway

Newmarket looking south to Market Rd
Greenlane looking north
South Eastern H'way looking south
Redoubt Rd looking north
Bairds Rd looking north
Alfriston Rd looking north

North-Western Motorway

Bond St looking east towards city 
Waterview interchange looking west
Te Atatu Rd off ramp looking east
Lincoln Rd off ramp looking east
Lincoln Rd looking west

[Supplied by NZTA]