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Gold Coast tourism targets Kiwis

Published: 5:21PM Monday March 05, 2012 Source: AAP

  • Gold Coast (Source: WikiCommons)
    Gold Coast - Source: WikiCommons

The Gold Coast has launched its biggest single campaign for three years in New Zealand, hoping to maintain its place as the favourite holiday destination for Kiwis.

Gold Coast tourism chief executive Martin Winter says the million-dollar drive brings together mass media, travel trade, airline and member partners to sell the Gold Coast's "famous for fun" message and promote travel deals.

"Over the past 18 months there has been more than $A3 billion in tourism-related development on the Gold Coast," Winter said.

"That means there are all kinds of new hotels, resorts, attractions and adventures to experience.

"This is also the first chance we have had to really expand on the Gold Coast "famous for fun" message in New Zealand with television commercials, digital advertising and extended print space to show that fun means different things to different people."

Winter said the campaign will run from March until June.

"We are going to make sure as many of our New Zealand friends as possible know that the Gold Coast has plenty of new stories to tell, a fresh way to tell them, and some very strong package deals to make them a reality."

In 2011 the Gold Coast attracted 174,000 Kiwi visitors who spent more than $A181 million in the city, according to the latest Tourism Research Australia data.