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Aussies upset at "bogan" tourism ad

Published: 9:40AM Tuesday June 01, 2010 Source: ONE News

Tourism Australia's new, all singing advertisement has been attacked by audiences for making the nation look like a bunch of tone-deaf bogans, according to the Sydney Morning Herald website.

The 90-second ad shows Aussies singing, mostly off-key There's Nothing like Australia . Viewers see Australian icons like Uluru, Barrier Reef, the Opera House and Twelve Apostles featured as the song plays.

The ad also features iconic animals like the platypus, the koala and a herd of kangaroos.

The music especially has not been to everyone tastes, with one post on the media website Mumbrella stating - "the 1970's called and want their jingle back."

Another calls it "cringeworthily embarrassing" calling it ''bogan pride at its best''.

But Matt Eastwood, the national creative director of DDB Australia - DDB Sydney are the makers of the new ad - disagrees, saying the advertisement was made for an international audience and does not portray local Aussies as bogans but as ''authentic'' Australians giving a warm welcome to international travellers.

It follows the Where the bloody hell are you? campaign featuring actress Lara Bingle.

The TV ad will have its global launch in the middle of next month and will be first seen in the UK. It will also appear in cinemas across Australia.

The ad was directed by Michael Gracey, behind YouTube's most-watched commercial, the Evian Roller Babies.