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Character of the week: Nicole Begg - Timaru Top Guns

  •  Age: 21

  •  Weight: 50kg

  •  Top Town obstacle course time: 1 minute 13 seconds

  •  Claim to fame: Professional inline speed skater

  •  Has won 5 world titles including Overall Track World Champion for 2008

  •  Nominated for Sportswoman of the Year in the 2008 Halberg Awards

  •  Posed nude with only a pair of inline skates, to promote her sport.

  •  Was approached by Playboy to publish the photographs

  •  Describes herself as "gutsy". Recently broke her jaw skating and continued racing with her jaw wired shut

  •  Confesses to being a little stubborn at times

  •  Describes her fitness as 'excellent', does 20 hours of exercise a week, including weights, skating, cycling and plyometrics

  •  Is scared of snakes and spiders!