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Bede Skinner

Bede Skinner has dressed up as a cow, a penguin and as Santa Claus for his previous jobs.  Now the music enthusiast has found his dream job as the presenter of New Zealand's own Top of the Pops.

Born and raised in the South Island town of Westport, Bede moved to Dunedin after high school to begin a Pharmacy degree at the University Of Otago.  Since graduating, Bede has worked as a pharmacist at the Titahi Bay pharmacy in Porirua and as a radio promotions assistant in Wellington. 

In the last two weeks, Bede has dropped everything and moved from Wellington to Auckland to take his biggest challenge yet: hosting Top of the Pops. While the thought of presenting in front of a live audience may seem daunting, Bede is looking forward to the experience.  

"There are so many cool and talented artists out there, especially in New Zealand.  I'll have the opportunity to get to know the bands, learn more about them and find out what they are really like," Bede explains.  "I'll also get to meet all the fans that come down to the studio to listen to their favourite bands.  I want to help make it a really fun and unique experience for them."

For as long as he can remember, Bede has had a passion for music. "I was caught at a young age playing the piano with a fleecy Mohawk on my head pretending to be Elton John," he laughs.  Since then, Bede has embraced all genres of music, from pop to rock and everything in between.

"I dig all types of music, which is important for this job!  I enjoy singing along to a cheesy pop song in the car as much as jumping up and down to 'The Hives' at the Big Day Out.  My favourite CD at the moment is 'Kings of Leon'," he says.

Bede is looking forward to presenting more of New Zealand's favourite chart hits on Top of the Pops in 2005.   "With the emergence of so many hot local acts and talent last year, 2005 promises to be massive," he says.  "The show gives New Zealand talent a wicked opportunity to perform live on television and get more national coverage and exposure. That's a huge boost to the NZ music industry. With the prospect of so many international artists coming to our country this year, 'Top of the Pops' is going to rock!"