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Carmen (Felicity Milovanovich)

Carmen, the wild, unpredictable, fearless, intrepid teenage cave-girl from prehistoric times (-2088 prehistory) who accidentally ends up on board, with no way home.

She lives for the moment and has excellent senses. In fact, Carmen has better animal skills than Balls the dog!

Carmen misses the 'comforts' of home, so to make up for it she brings back to the ship objects that remind her of prehistory. From various times and eras, the light-fingered huntress has collected a big brown blanket, a magazine picture of a buffalo, and a large bone of unknown origin!

Coming from the distant past, she isn't exactly down with modern slang, but picks up languages as quickly as anything else. Her own language mirrors her world - plain speaking, no wasted words. She calls a spade a spade and a yak a great meal!

Played by Felicity Milovanovich

Felicity Milovanovich is an up-and-coming young actress who will be best known from as core character, Jen, from the TVNZ series The Killian Curse (season one and two).

Her first break into the industry was at age 12, with a role in NZ series The Tribe sequel - The New Tomorrow. Felicity was inspired to get into acting after a documentary she saw about child actors as a little girl.