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Third Watch

Third Watch: Ep 6 - Surrender

When another bomb blast threatens the life of Judge Barbara Halsted (recurring guest star Ann-Margaret), the NYPD special unit scrambles to protect the jurist until she can preside over the murder trial of a drug-dealing biker gang member named Animal.

Desperate, Sully takes the judge to the only safe place he knows for the night -- his modest apartment.

Meanwhile, a defiant Cruz seeks out the man who raped her while she was undercover, but her vengeance causes her to miss her crucial court date to testify against Animal.

And a recuperating and furious Yokas consults a psychiatrist over her extreme phantom pain for which doctors have no explanation. While there she manages to unload some of her anger at Cruz and Bosco.

Director: Nelson  McCormick 

Writer: Scott   Williams 


Guest Stars:

Ann-Margret - Judge Barbara Halsted

Joe   Lisi - Sergeant Swersky

Hope  Chernov

Glenn  Fleshler - Animal

Liz  Larsen