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Third Watch

Third Watch: Ep 5 - Goodbye to All That

The newly demoted Cruz, frustrated that she's been reduced to handing out parking tickets, looks for a way to move herself back up the ranks.

Cruz convinces her superior officer, Swersky, to let her run an undercover investigation on a prostitution ring working out of a doctor's office. Swersky agrees but forces the independent Cruz to take Monroe as backup.

Cruz, posing as a prostitute, is attacked and raped by one her "clients." The stigma and ramifications of a police officer being raped do not escape Cruz, who tries to keep the incident to herself. Monroe must help Cruz face the fallout and catch the rapist.

Meanwhile, Yokas' attempts to regain her strength and freedom go awry when she takes a fall during physical therapy. At the hospital, the doctor tells an unbelieving Yokas that the intense pain she has been feeling is all imagined.

Across town at a police function picnic, Sullivan inadvertently becomes a hero as he saves Judge Barbara Halsted from a car bombing. Since the high-profile, cop-friendly judge has a history of receiving death threats, the NYPD puts a special unit together to guard her.

Halsted personally picks Sullivan to watch over her. Tensions grow between Sullivan and Halsted when he brings up a past encounter early in their careers. Their argument drives the stubborn Halsted to go out alone, putting herself, Sullivan and Davis in grave danger as the bomber attacks again.