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Third Watch

Third Watch: Ep 3 - Lockdown

Doc starts his new office position downtown and gets a taste of paramedic bureaucracy. Meanwhile, Yokas is well enough to go home, where she must deal with the fact that she now has to depend on everyone's help.

Bosco and Monroe become partners to keep a watchful eye on Yokas while Cruz finds herself demoted and back in uniform working the streets.

Davis and Sullivan work a vehicle checkpoint at the Brooklyn Bridge where a freight truck breaks through the checkpoint, leading Sullivan and Davis on a high-speed chase. The truck soon loses control and tips over, and the officers discover a group of sick and injured illegal Chinese immigrants inside.

Doc arrives on the scene to oversee the triage set up by Kim and Carlos, during which one of the male immigrants escapes and disappears into the city. Only later, at the hospital, does everyone realize how important it is to find the missing immigrant when doctors discover that the remaining victims have symptoms of the bubonic plague.

With Davis, Sullivan, Doc, Kim and Carlos all quarantined at the hospital, Bosco, Monroe and Cruz must track down the missing immigrant and bring him in before the whole city becomes infected.