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Andrew Coers from The Zoo

Andrew Coers

Andrew Coers is the elephants/sea lions/carnivores team leader at Auckland Zoo. It's been a tough year with Kashin's passing, but it's made Andrew and his team very close. Andrew is an animal lover with more than 20 animals at his home. He enjoys educating people about the environment by getting them up close and personal with wildlife.

Name: Andrew Coers

Age: 29

Where do you live? Muriwai

Zoo position: Team leader elephants/sea lions/carnivores

Works with: primarily Burma the elephant

How long have you worked at the zoo? 13 years

What's the most challenging aspect of your job?
Kashin's passing

What's been the best thing about your job this year?
Celebrating Kashin's memorial day and working with such a close team

Share a funny filming moment from this year/past year:
Probably having about 20 takes for a 2 second story on baboons

Have you travelled for any zoo-related work in the past year?
Travelled to Perth Zoo to see the elephant programme they have there

Where in the world would you most like to go - to see wildlife/incredible eco-systems?
Papua New Guinea, because there's so many places that humans haven't even set foot in, and Sri Lanka to see some elephants in the wild

Which animal you think most accurately represents you?

Do you have pets at home?
3 horses, 9 sheep, 2 dogs, 5 Northland green geckos, 1 ostrich, tropical marine fish

What is your favourite TV show?
Home and Away

If you could give any budding young zoo keepers any advice, what would it be?
If you're interested in working with animals, then go for it. Live your dreams.

What are you doing to help the planet? - combined with your best tip to help save the planet
Encourage people to care for the environment, and connect them with wildlife by getting them up close and personal, educating them and taking Burma out on walks through the zoo



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