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Robert 'IronE' Singleton plays T-Dog

Robert 'IronE' Singleton plays T-Dog on The Walking Dead

Who's he? Robert 'IronE' Singleton plays T-Dog.

What's T-Dog's back story? Clashed with Daryl's racist brother Merle and left him handcuffed on an Atlanta tower block.

What to expect in season 2? Just as T-Dog begins to prove his worth to the group, he suffers a physical setback, making him vulnerable and dependent on others.  T-Dog turns to Dale as a confidant but can't convince him to splinter away from the group.

Where have I seen Robert 'IronE' Singleton before? He played the bad guy Alton in the Oscar winning film The Blind Side.

Did you know? His mother died from HIV/AIDS and his brother spent a long time in prison which inspired him to become a Youth Motivational Speaker.