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Jon Bernthal plays Shane Walsh

Jon Bernthal plays Shane on The Walking Dead

Who's he? Jon Bernthal plays Shane Walsh

What's Shane's back story? He is the best friend and colleague of Rick. He thought his mate had died so started a relationship with Lori . That ended after Rick returned on the scene.

What to expect in season 2? With Rick's return, Shane must come to grips with his own future in this post-apocalyptic world.  The constant reminder he can never have the woman he loves, Lori, may drive him to strike out on his own.  Shane sees Rick putting the needs of a few above the needs of the group as an endangerment to everyone, further splintering the group.

Where have I seen Jon Bernthal before? He has starred in a number of movies including World Trade Center, Date Night, The Ghost Writer and Night at the Museum 2.

Did you know? The professional baseball player works to retrain pit bulls that have been abused, then placing them in new, loving homes.